Web Design

I am very pleased to offer affordable WordPress web design to other authors and small businesses. WordPress is my platform of choice because:

  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s inexpensive to set up and maintain
  • It lets you customize, tinker, and re-design as often as you want


The WordPress universe encompasses WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com allows you to maintain a completely free site, with options for paid upgrades. Your site will come with automatic security updates and spam-fighting features built in.

WordPress.org allows for greater customization and has better e-commerce options, but costs to maintain the site are higher and maintenance is more technical.

Feel free to ask for more information about either/both types of WordPress sites!


As a lawyer, author, and entrepreneur, I am well-versed in the topics authors and business owners need to know before establishing a brand and online presence. I will provide you with information and support on:

  • Use of images and links on your site or blog
  • Building a consumer-friendly website that displays well on all devices
  • Maintaining and updating your own site

I have taken courses in marketing and branding, and have several years of experience building websites for myself, friends and family, and colleagues.






Prices are all-inclusive, except where otherwise noted. Tax is included in fees.

For $400 CAD, you get:

  • Your choice of free WordPress theme, customized with background color and header image
  • An unlimited number of pages (content provided by you)
  • Blog set-up
  • Free newsletter account created for you with MailChimp
  • Newsletter sign-up embedded in your blog
  • Existing content can be imported from another WordPress site or from another platform

Premium themes (site designs) are available at cost. (Premium WordPress themes range from $50-200 USD). Custom domain registration or domain mapping is also available at cost from WordPress.com and I can set up a domain-specific email address for you (ex. – “nicola@nicolarwhite.com” instead of “nicola@gmail.com”).

Copy writing (creating content for your blog or website) and basic graphic design services are available at a rate of $40 CAD/hour.