News Coverage of Fury’s Kiss

Since winning the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize, I have been featured on Global News Morning in my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia and in the local newspaper, The Chronicle Herald. The TV news spot was filmed live, so that was definitely the more nerve-wracking of the two! Luckily, both Andrea Dion of Global News and Heather Laura Clarke from the Chronicle Herald are wonderful interviewers and helped put me at ease.

“Nicola R. White Awarded Canadian Emerging Writer Prize” – Watch the Video Here

Since the TV spot aired and the newspaper article came out, I have received lots of messages from friends and readers from all over, and knowing that people are rooting for me to succeed and are enjoying my work is such an encouragement to keep writing. I’ve even heard from a few people who are interested in self-publishing and have shared the fact that my work has inspired them to pursue their dreams. This is one of the most amazing compliments I have ever received!

“Haligonian’s first novel wins national prize” – Read the Article Here

Since the Kobo win, I have been amused to find myself in the position of constantly confusing people about which of my names they should use – my pen name or my legal name. While some authors with pen names guard their real identities zealously, my true identity has never been a secret and is very similar to my real name, so I always tell people to use whichever name they want. In fact, most of my writing group and publishing industry contacts use both names interchangeably!

I owe a special thanks to Taylor Buckley of High View Communications for working with me to spread the word about Fury’s Kiss, and to Kobo for connecting us.

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