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It’s New Year’s resolution time again, and one of my favourite resolutions is to read more books! This year, I’m aiming to read 100 books in 2017. It’s an ambitious goal, but even if I don’t make it, I still come out ahead because…books.

Here are the statistics Goodreads has shared about last year’s challenge:

Participants 3,052,000
Books Pledged 142,398,150
Books Finished 39,444,997
Avg. Books Pledged 46
Challenges Completed 30,338

And 2017 is looking good too. Here are the stats so far:

1,014,583 Participants
46,226,091 Total Books Pledged
1,103,854 Total Books Completed
45 Average Books Per Challenge
232 Challenges Completed

232 people have finished their challenges already. How many books will you read this year?


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