Graphic novel in progress

I’m super excited to share the news that I am currently developing a 6-issue comic book series!  The incredibly talented Maria Nguyen is creating the artwork for the series (check out her work here) and we are working on finding a publisher. Read on to see the first six sample pages.

Wild Rose

Set against the backdrop of London and rural Ireland in 1790, Wild Rose reimagines a haunting Irish folktale. The story of Eliza Day is a tale of love and revenge, but also of class conflict, religious intolerance, and the secret societies that became common in eighteenth century Ireland. When Eliza is seduced and betrayed by a wealthy English lover, she vows to seek revenge and enlists the help of a witch. But as she soon finds out, the restrictive society in which she lives has no place for defiant, damaged women who break with convention. To make a new life for herself after the loss of her innocence, Eliza will have to be braver than she could ever have imagined.

Published by nicolarwhite

Author of romantic urban fantasy, science fiction, and mystery.

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