RWAC Annual Writers’ Retreat

October has been a busy month this year, and one of the best parts is the Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada writers’ retreat. Every year, a bunch of writer buddies get together at a gorgeous beach resort here in Nova Scotia for a weekend of writing, brainstorming, and fun. Although you definitely can’t swim atContinue reading “RWAC Annual Writers’ Retreat”

You Can’t Throw a Gavel Without Hitting a Lawyer-Turned-Author

Some of the jobs I’ve held include: short order cook, nanny, postmaster’s assistant, and “background talent” (read – extra in movies and commercials). But of all the jobs I’ve tried, the one that I’m least likely to write about is the one that I spent the most time training for – my current profession ofContinue reading “You Can’t Throw a Gavel Without Hitting a Lawyer-Turned-Author”