New Series Launch!


I’m still hard at work on getting The Fury Bride ready for launch, but in the meantime, I’m so excited to announce the release of Man’s Ruin, the first book in my new Original Sin series. To be honest, I actually like this book even more than the Furies (not that I’ll be abandoning them), and I think Man’s Ruin is my best work yet. Check it out and tell  me what you think!

mans-ruin-temp2I have also created a special “Pulp Edition” of Man’s Ruin, which features a classic hardboiled cover created by artist Ástor Alexander and includes the short story prequel, “Whatever Lola Wants” as well as “The Sweet Spot: Pulp Fiction and Modern Romance”, an essay about crime fiction and the romance genre.

“Whatever Lola Wants” is also available as a standalone short story for $0.99 and “The Sweet Spot” is available as a FREE download!



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Author of romantic urban fantasy, science fiction, and mystery.

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