My first short film(s)!

I was an extra in the Lizzie Borden Chronicles.

As I have branched out into comic books and game writing in the past year (announcement coming soon!), I have also gotten interested in filmmaking. I have worked as an extra on a number of sets over the years – most recently the Lizzie Borden Chronicles starring Christina Ricci – and have always wanted to learn more about how movies are made. So this year, I decided to take a flying leap into making my own movies. After volunteering as a production assistant on a couple of short films to get more experience, I began to attend workshops at the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative in my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Next, I applied for a film training program and some grant funding, and now I am very excited to be working on both a short documentary and a narrative short!Victim Impact

The Nova Scotia Victim Services Program offers support to victims of crime by providing information about the justice system and victims’ court cases, and by helping victims prepare Victim Impact Statements. But clients of the Victim Services Program have reported a lack of communication from program officers, inadequate funding for the counselling they were promised, and inadequate information about court proceedings. Through interviews with clients and stakeholders, Victim Impact provides a balanced view of the strengths and shortcomings of Nova Scotia’s Victim Services Program.

Welcome/Ahlan wa Sahlan

A fantasy romance about loss, acceptance, and love that spans the gap between two very different worlds. Shadia, a Syrian refugee, arrives in coastal Nova Scotia, and is lost in sorrow until she strikes up a friendship with a mermaid. When that friendship becomes something more, Shadia finds hope in this new world.

I am directing this movie and my friend/co-writer, Tim Hanley, is producing Welcome/Ahlan wa Sahlan. The mermaid will be played by Raina Mermaid, a professional mermaid, actress, model, and educator.

Raina Mermaid

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